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Revitalize Communities, Reimagine the Future

Imagine A Place Where Every Day Is a Magical Experience

Transformative Urban Innovation

A radical new model for collaborative urban development that empowers communities, drives consistent revenue and inclusive prosperity

Economic growth at scale

Harmonize and deliver simultaneous benefits and ROI to investors and the community

Human Potential Unlocked

A forward-thinking workforce strategy and comprehensive upskilling training program unlock limitless possibilities for residents and businesses.


Spectrum Rise is a globally inspired mixed-use development that serves as a transformative and hyper-growth launchpad for a community. It’s rooted in Atlanta ‘s continued ascent as a world-class epicenter of innovation, design, culture, and technology.

It’s a destination that masterfully blends economic development, social engagement, and technological brilliance to create an inclusive lifestyle-focused community, driving a new level of customer and hospitality experiences,  incredible investor returns, and unprecedented possibilities. 

As Atlanta emerges as a magnet for the world’s brightest minds and boldest ideas, Spectrum Rise embodies future-forward thinking and an aspirational vision for a community and metropolis that will shape the future. 

A New Era Begins



A marvel of integrated technology, regenerative design, and community input.

Thoughtful design decisions combines human-centric principles and sustainable best practices, resulting in spatial experiences that delight and inspire.



Regular collaboration between local expertise, community and global industry leaders.

Unlock new possibilities, revenue growth and success metrics through an open exchange of ideas, best practices, and diverse thinking.



Self-sustaining ecosystem regardless of market conditions.

A revenue diversification strategy and business model innovation approach harmonizes investor ROI, economic resilience, community benefits and value.

Live an Inspired Life

Vision is our fuel and ambition is our fire and only projects with such goals have a chance at inspiring and impacting the world.

Estimated Footprint
Estimated Net New Jobs
3000 +
Unique Revenue Streams

Redefining Equitable Community Development

Spectrum Rise represents a high degree of thoughtfulness and planning rigor, creating an unrivaled opportunity. It’s a transformative development that prioritizes regenerative design, long-term growth, investor ROI, advanced technologies (e.g. AI & Blockchain) and a radical commitment to community equity and sustainability.

Entertainment & Hospitality District

An immersive entertainment complex that includes an XR/LED venue for unparalleled music, sports, and live theater experiences, a multi-sports virtual simulator eatery, a farm-to-table restaurant, and a railway dining terminal concept restaurant.

Workforce Development + R&D Innovation Labs

The nexus of ambition, creativity, and future-forward thinking. It's a model purposefully designed to train a community, entrepreneurs, and the workforce of tomorrow while creating solutions for some of the most pressing issues.

Human Performance Training Center

Step into an innovative mind-body oasis designed for elite athlete and wellness seekers to achieve peak performance output. Unlock new levels of physical, cognitive, and mindful capabilities.

Entrepreneur City &
Business Incubator

Big ideas and innovative business solutions will find a home here. It's an ecosystem providing commercial startups with the strategic support they need to scale equitable economic outcomes.

Hotel, Residential & Retail District

We are redefining what it means to live, work, and stay in the heart of a vibrant city. A mix of affordable luxury hotel, residential, and retail offerings will create a true sense of community and diverse experiences.

Open Parks, Rooftop Gardens & Public Spaces

Here, nature's tranquility blends into an urban landscape. These are living, breathable spaces designed to elevate well-being and environmental sustainability.​

finalSpectrumRise logo_wht

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